Princess Cut vs. Round Cut Diamond

Most of the couples’ popular choice is diamond engagement rings who are set to enter into a new life of togetherness through a marriage ceremony. An engagement ring stands hugely important in the lives of to-be bride and groom, and thus one need to search and put quite a lot of thought for selecting the best for the lovely occasion. Though it’s true that diamonds are extremely pricey natural stone and one has to collect a substantial amount of money to acquire it, but it is really worthy of buying and gifting to your beloved. The price of the diamond engagement rings are settled by the diamond cost which is present in the ring.

We’re here to discuss about the princess cut vs. round cut diamonds; how the princess cut are cheaper than the round cut diamond engagement rings.
1. Known to be the favorite of diamond cutters, the princess cut diamonds has an elevated yield from the rough cuts. The cut and the shape of the princess cut creates it into higher yielding and thus are low-priced than many other distinct diamond cuts. That’s the reason you can come across a huge number of beautiful diamond engagement rings along with princess cut diamonds placed in them.

2. Princess cut diamond engagement rings are certainly less costly than round brilliant cut that are very expensive. For example, 3 Carat VS1 F Princess cut diamond values around $74,580, whereas 3 Carat VS1 F Round cut diamond values around $74,580.

3. The yielding of round cut is around 40% whereas the yielding of princess cut is around 80-90%. This signifies that if you are obtaining 1-carat rough diamond, you can acquire a 0.40 ct round polished diamond, or else a .80 to .90 carat princess cut diamond. Thus a princess cut diamond yield is actually the double of round cut diamond. Hence the cost of princess cut diamonds are pretty much low. In fact for the price that you pay for a round diamond, you can acquire a large-size princess cut diamond. Thus the princess cut is the trendiest selection for engagement rings.

4. The Princess cut diamonds have just about 76 facets that add to its radiance, assisting it to compete the visual effect of finely cut Round brilliant diamonds. Additional facets are viewed in Princess cut diamonds where cutters have to execute hard to fabricate a corner that is free of wide-ranging scrapes.

5. The Princess cut diamonds is mostly going to exhibit color tints, mainly in the corners. You care suggested to select a Princess cut diamonds with least color of H, VS2 clarity and superb cut.

Therefore, by now you might have understood that Princess cut diamonds is brilliant and excellent than the Round cut diamonds. You can thus take the help of Gemone Diamond anytime 24/7 to choose the Princess cut designed diamond stones or engagement rings for your loved ones!


6 Vital Tips to Care Your Diamond Rings

Being a girl you would love to have your partner go down his knees and propose you with a wonderful diamond engagement ring, you never might have imagine in your dreams. This would be a lovely possession treasured for the lifetime; a symbol of love and commitment for the rest of the journey. The engagement ring signifies beauty, elegance and worth gifting.

You may be wearing the pretty ring in your hand every day, but tend to forget cleaning after few months when dirt can be visible slightly. The best thing about diamond engagement ring is that when you clean it properly and take good care, it will shine amazingly like the day when purchased from the jewelry showroom. Before cleaning the ring, you should firstly remove it from your finger for evading any scratches on it. Listed below are the essential tips of how to care your diamond rings.

  • Handling: You need to pick your diamond engagement ring by its band so that natural oils from your fingers can be avoided that grows around the stone’s setting, and keeps the diamond secure completely in its setting.
  • Proper Storage: You should separately store your diamond engagement ring in a jewelry box or in a soft fabric pouch, without mixing it with other jewelry items that can protect your ring nicely.
  • Soaking: If you are interested to keep your diamond ring in the home cupboard, then you can soak it in a bowl of warm water (four parts) and a pinch of household ammonia (one part) for ten minutes only. Then you should brush the ring lightly with a soft brush, dip it again in the solution, rinse it in lukewarm/cool water and leave it for draining on a small lint-free cloth. You can dry the ring by rubbing slightly with a soft jewelry cloth.
  • Vodka: You can also use vodka to return back the glitter of your diamond ring. For this you can soak the ring in a glass of vodka for 30 minutes, wet it in warm water and then wipe it for drying with a lint-free cloth.
  • Soapy Water with Liquid Detergent: You can leave the diamond ring in a bowl of warm, soapy water by using a bit of liquid detergent so that it soaks for almost 30 minutes. Then clean the ring lightly with jewelry cloth.
  • Expert Check-up: If your ring is excessively worn, the gem might loosen up over time from its secure setting. So you should check your diamond ring for any kind of manufacturing flaws, warped prongs, and other damages that could make your diamond setting fully secure. You can have an expert check from a specialized diamond jewelry who can test and clean it that will make the diamond ring look new and sparkling.

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How to Choose a Loose Diamond


As compared to specific diamond, loose diamond is slightly diverse at the time of selection. Many of the loose diamonds that you want to buy is for bigger carat weights, like one carat diamond or greater than that. Few people find it easy to choose loosed diamonds, than the diamond that are already set. These are the most sparkling, small loose diamonds that you want to hold in hands and look closely for further details.

We’ve mentioned a few of the tricky ways how you can choose a loose diamond so that you can go ahead in purchasing it.

  • Check on the Shapes of Loose Diamonds: Firstly the loose diamonds are required to be cut and assessed. Cut loose diamonds generally approach in standard shapes covering cushion, round, oval and emerald cuts. The radiant, triangle and Asscher cut loose diamonds are very trendy in men’s jewelry such as cufflinks, whereas heart loose diamonds produce a romantic appeal.

  • Understand the Range of Loose Diamonds: Buying loose diamonds can be worthy of your money spent on it. So you need to understand its different varieties that are really brilliant for good investment.

  • Research on the subject of Loose Diamonds: Before purchase, you need to research on this subject that offers a general idea of the value, quality, 4Cs, shapes and prices of loose diamonds. You’ll get to know about the supply and huge demand of loose diamonds in the market that will help you select one for you as per your preference.

  • Budget Fixation: The quality of a loose diamond is superb, and its price is less expensive too. Fix your own budget and plan out from ahead when you’ll go for shopping for loose diamonds so that you can get it at reasonable prices.

  • Reflect Upon the Time Factors: You might not acquire the loose diamond when you go the showroom to choose one piece as most of the jewelers do not have a big collection of loose diamonds. You may select one or two to just view due to security issues. It may take a long process of many weeks to acquire the selected loose diamond; so you need to hold your patience.

  • Verification is Important: You should check that the loose diamond you choose should be verified with GIA, AGS, or EGL mark. Besides this, you should have close observation of the diamond personally under natural lighting, dim light and bright light.

  • Select a Setting: You should be particular about selecting a setting that can be an optional factor while purchasing a loose diamond. You may not be sure what kind of setting your partner would prefer when you wish to gift her diamond engagement ring or some other diamond gift such as solitaire, pendant, earring etc. So you can give her a loose diamond and allow her to select a setting as per she likes to wear the jewelry. Settings approach in hundreds of various styles, few are plain and few are fashionable etc. Let her choose a setting for the loose diamond.

Well, for your information Gemone Diamonds provides you the most exceptional loose diamonds at lower prices of distinct attractive designs that will really touch your heart. Never hold yourself back from buying the stunning loose diamonds!

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